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Chainmaille 101: Introduction to Chainmaille

January 21-27, 2024

Welcome to the world of Chainmaille! 🌟


Join me online for a week of discovery as we delve into the fundamentals of Chainmaille. This workshop, tailored for both beginners and those looking to enhance their skills, is designed to be your compass in the fascinating realm of interwoven metal art.


What to Expect:

Format: Engage through a mix of instructional videos, interactive Zoom calls, and a comprehensive PDF workbook.

Personal Touch: Drawing from my own journey in Chainmaille, I've crafted this workshop to share the insights and information I wish I had at the beginning of my own adventure. Whether you're a seasoned mailler or just starting out, there's something valuable for everyone.



Guided Videos: Step-by-step video tutorials to help you master the basics.

Live Zoom Calls: Connect with fellow enthusiasts, ask questions, and receive real-time guidance.

PDF Workbook Companion: A handy PDF workbook to reinforce your learning and serve as a reference on your chainmaille journey.

Why Chainmaille?

Discover the joy of creating intricate patterns, the satisfaction of crafting something tangible, and the camaraderie of a community passionate about this ancient art form.


Who Should Attend:

Beginners eager to embark on their chainmaille journey.

Intermediate maillers looking to refine their skills.



For the Chainmaille 101 workshop no materials will be needed, however a PDF workbook will be provided to follow along with the workshop.


Registration Details:

Secure your spot by registering here. It's completely free - my way of paying it forward to the chainmaille community. https://subscribepage.io/3fA8JI


Save the Date:

Date: January 21-27, 2024

Location: Your comfy crafting space (Zoom details will be provided closer to workshop).

Embark on Your Chainmaille Adventure:

This workshop is more than just a tutorial; it's an invitation to explore, create, and connect. Let's kick off 2024 by weaving something wonderful together!


Questions or Concerns?

Feel free to reach out at christi.whittenburg@christisecreations.com


Let's make this the starting point of something beautiful!


Warm regards,