Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Care Information: (for your chainmaille)

Keep jewelry away from household cleaners and chlorine.

Always handle your jewelry gently. Remember that most chainmaille links are not soldered closed, and can therefore be pulled open.

Your jewelry can pick up dirt, oil, and even odors. To clean most metals soak jewelry in soapy water (use non-lotion dishwashing soap) for several minutes. Then lather with soap and gently but briskly rub the jewelry between your palms. Rinse with warm water and let air dry, or use a blow dryer on lowest and coolest setting.


What material do we use for our chainmaille?

We use Anodized Aluminum jump ring to make our chainmaille products. The Jump rings are anodized before they are cut, so the ends are raw aluminum.


Edges: These rings are saw cut, so they have a straight edge instead of the crimped ends with burrs you see with machine cut. They are also hand closed with hand tools, so each ring is visibly checked for significant gaps and visible edges during construction.


Durability: The finish is corrosion resistant and can stand up to most damage without flaking, cutting or grinding on the ring with another hard metal surface (grooved pliers, scissors, etc.), and acids like chlorine will cause damage. Combined, this means you have rings that are light, strong, and resistant to most forms of common wear and tear. The ring used also can't be bent by hand individually, using tools, or deliberately pulling the chain will cause rings to bend. Deformed rings can be fixed with pliers.


Colors: I use a multiple of colors on my custom orders and well as the ready-made products.