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Rainbow Chainmaille Pouch (Dice Bag)

Rainbow Chainmaille Pouch (Dice Bag)

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You've always wanted a Bag of Holding, admit it - and that is just what this bag does! Coins, dice, marbles, and much more – it holds them all beautifully.

It holds, it snuggles, it nestles... this pouch will provide a happy home to anything and everything – as long as it fits in the space.

For the more technical specs, the pouch is made entirely of aluminum, which has been anodized to make pretty colors. The cord is suede leather lace and the toggle is plastic.

All of my chainmaille is handmade one ring at a time. Each chainmaille piece is made out of anodized aluminum and saw cut rings. The cord is suede leather lace and the toggle is plastic. My chainmaille is sturdy, lightweight, and flexible.


Measures approximately: empty is 4 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide
Weight approximately: 1.4 ounces


Since this is a handcrafted item, there can be some small tool marks on the piece. Please remember this when purchasing. Any ring with obvious damage is not used.

As always, all my chainmaille can be custom-made to fit your style.

Dice are not included